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 The Forest Rules

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Kenji Uchiha
Kenji Uchiha

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The Forest Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Forest Rules   The Forest Rules Icon_minitimeTue Sep 09, 2008 12:25 am

Before you start posting in the forest, you must first read these rules, so you won't get banned from the forum.
#1: NO SPAMMING! Spamming is a post that has nothing to do with the topic and also saying stuff like, "shidfhudsu" and stuff like that.
#2: NO SEXUAL CONTENT! No nude photos. No sex in roleplays. Nothing sexual.
#3: LET OTHER MEMBERS HAVE FUN! Please, let other members have fun.
If you break any of these rules... you will get a warning. After 3 warnings, you will be banned. But if you break rule #2, you'll get banned with no warnings.
Enjoy the forums and obey the rules. If you find anyone else breaking these rules, report them to the "Rule Breakers" Topics.

The Forest Rules KENJI
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The Forest Rules
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