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Kenji Uchiha
Kenji Uchiha

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PostSubject: HOW TO ROLEPLAY   Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:01 pm

Roleplaying is like this...
User 1: Max comes towards Edward saying, "I've come for you..."
User 2: Edward backs up slowly. "Why?"
Kind of like that.

Action: What the character is doing. ~He starts running up the mountain~ (None.)
Talking: What the character is saying. ~"I want to go to your house." Josh said.~ (Add " at the beginning and end of the sentence and say (NAME OF CHARACTER) or he said after the character talks or before the character talks.)
Thoughts: What the character is thinking. ~I can't believe it...~ (Use the italic text.)

Here is another way of roleplaying.

User 1: Max: *Comes towards Edward* I've come for you...
User 2: Edward: *Backs up slowly* Why?

Who's doing it?: The character that's doing the action. ~Gerald:~ (Type the name of the character then end it with a :.)
Action: What the character is doing. ~*Gets up and starts running again*! (Add a * before and after the sentence.)
Talking: What the character is saying. ~What do you want from me?!! (None.)
Thoughts: What the character is thinking. ~Who is this guy?~ OR ~*In mind: Who is this guy?*~ (Either add the italic text or add * at the beginning and end of the thought and typing "In mind:" before the thought.)

If you want to make your own roleplay, first type the name of the roleplay.
Then, add these to your post.

PLOT: What is your roleplay all about?
RULES: Make up your own rules for your roleplay that isn't in the rules for the forum like no killing, no cursing, no mind controlling other member's characters, etc.
MADE UP CHARACTER FORMAT: If your roleplay is about a show, movie, or book and it has characters from the story you can play as, or if it's all made up yourself, you have to make a format for other member's to use for their characters.

Here is an example (For a Naruto Roleplay)


Have fun making and joining roleplays! Oh, and if someone breaks your rules or the main forum rules, report it at the RULE BREAKERS topic and we'll lock the topic but if you don't want it locked you can ask and we'll just delete the post(s) violating those rules.


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PostSubject: Re: HOW TO ROLEPLAY   Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:12 am

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