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 Welcome to DFF!

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Kenji Uchiha
Kenji Uchiha

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Welcome to DFF! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to DFF!   Welcome to DFF! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 09, 2008 12:44 am

Hello and thanks for joining the Dragon Forum Forest!
Make sure to read the rules and everything.
Here, you can post your first topic, introducing yourself to other members, or if you are leaving for a long time, post it here!

Hint to new users:
When you are writing something, and you want to click on something like "Messages" or "Search" don't click on them... you'll loose everything you've wrote. Either right click them and click "Open New Tap" if you have that option, or hold the left mouse button and roll your cursor over all the words (They'll all turn blue and the background will be white) then click the right mouse button and left-click "Copy" OR "Cut" then go to messages, profile, members, wherever you want you go.
Then when you come back to the "Create new topic" or "New Post" page, right-click in the text-box and click on "Paste" and everything you've posted will come right back!
Note: This doesn't only work on forums. It can work all over the internet! You can use "Copy and Paste" whenever you want!

If you accidently click on "Delete" hold the "Ctrl" button on your key board, then press "Z" and everything you wrote will appear again!

Welcome to DFF! KENJI
Welcome to DFF! RbFqWelcome to DFF! VMub These are my dragons! CLICK THEM

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Welcome to DFF!
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